HALEY, CHISHOLM & MORRIS, INC.     PHONE   (434)978-1000
General Contractors since 1900 
                   FAX         (434)974-6849

General Contractors since 1900

"We share our success with our employees" 



Haley, Chisholm & Morris, Inc. is a very experienced and reliable Corporation, having been in business since 1900, with our Virginia State Registration being Number 7.  We are well known for our large, versatile equipment fleet and dedicated, experienced management and supervision.

Quality work performed in a professional, productive manner is second only to safety in constructing your project.  We pride ourselves on working closely with owners, general contractors, government representatives and engineers to address challenges and deliver timely and cost effective solutions.  This approach has saved our customers substantial construction costs and built many strong, long term relationships.

Our management team and field personnel are very experienced over a broad range of excavation and site infrastructure construction.  Many of our employees have been with the company for fifteen to over thirty years while others have brought many years of experience from other successful construction employment.  We strive to provide our employees a safe and healthy working environment, competitive wages, generous insurance benefits as well as motivation through a strong company-wide profit sharing plan.

Haley, Chisholm & Morris, Inc. owns all of its equipment, free and clear of any liens.  The company is very strong financially, has excellent bonding capacity, and is fully insured.



MAILING ADDRESS:                     P.O. BOX 550  EARLYSVILLE, VA 22936

STREET ADDRESS:                                             3316 EARLYSVILLE ROAD
                                                                                 EARLYSVILLE, VA 22936

PHONE #:                                                                                (434) 978-1000
FAX #:                                                                                         (434) 974-6849

RESUMES TO:                                                                JOBS@HCMGC.COM

INVITATIONS TO BID AND RFP'S:                                RFP@HCMGC.COM


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