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General Contractors since 1900 
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General Contractors since 1900


In 1979, the corporation began developing single family subdivisions as a way to complement its workload.  In the late seventies and mid eighties HCM developed Mill Run; Quintfield; Blue Ridge Forest, Phase Two; Mallard Lake; Brookwood, Phase Three; redeveloped Virginia Farms and co-developed Key West, Section Six - all located in Albemarle County, VA.

Since 1986, HCM has developed Rosemont, Indian Springs and Langdon Woods in Albemarle County.  We are currently developing Geer, Hidden Glen and Stone Brook in Greene County, VA.

Our corporation prides itself in designing its developments around the primary home sites and fitting the access roads to the land and driveway entrances to the lots - rather than utilizing designs that maximize the number of lots and consider only the most economical road construction costs.  The planning and preliminary design work is performed in-house in order to meet these goals.

You can recognize a Haley, Chisholm & Morris, Inc. development from the entrance to the back corner due to the care taken during the planning and construction of the infrastructure.  This attention to detail reflects in the enhanced values of the homes built in its communities.

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